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Study Abroad – Basic Tips to Apply for Scholarship

 Hello friends !!!! In today’s article, we will discuss Top 7 Tips To Win Scholarship. As the old proverb says “The early bird catches the worm”. We can apply it in the context of Admission process of Universities in Abroad. The applicant who apply early have a greater chance to get appropriate course early. This article about Top 7 Tips To Win Scholarship will help applicants to understand the benefits of early applying along with some tips.

Dead Line:

Most of the Institution in abroad plan their admission process mainly 2-3 times a year. Each university has his own cut-off date. Contestant must submit the form by online/offline mode before the cut-off date. The due date is generally between 2-3 month before starting of Academic course. If the course starts in March then applications last date can be between last week of November-December. Then the last date may differ from university to university. Some reputed Universities can also have deadline 6-7 months before the actual starting of course.

Why apply very early?

Points given below will help candidates to know Why to apply early?.

Letter of Recommendation- Candidate may get an approval letter in advance from their mediator. It helps when the mediator is not overwhelmed with a lot of requests like yours.

Last-minute worries – Students didn’t have to worry about the last minute tension about applications on time submission.

Planning expenses – By getting the application approved and confirmation from the university on time. The candidates can get a lot of time to properly plan their expenses.

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Scholarships – Some Universities asks students to accept their conditional offers of admission before applying for the scholarship. Candidates by accepting the conditional offer can apply for the scholarship before time. Limited scholarships seats are available for students from different countries.

Application rejection – If the application is rejected don’t get depressed. Try for another University.

Choice of course – There are cases where the applicant was not offered the exact course, which applicant wants to study. Candidates who send their application in advance have a high chance to get the course which he/she basically wanted to study.

Top 7 Tips To Win Scholarship

  • Always be aware of the deadline date for acceptance of admission form & try to send application form at least a month prior the official Last date.
  • Make sure that you give your mediator enough time to write a nice letter of recommendation for you.
  • Always have a backup plan. Don’t bind your application to just one University. Rather you can apply to at least three to four Universities.
  •  If one institution rejects your application there are changes of selection from another.
  • Higher education is not only about big-ticket reputed names. In recent years research has shown that small Universities offers more support and care to there students & especially to international students.
  • Follow instructions and be sure in providing all important documents with your application form.
  • If you are trying to apply for the scholarship. Then surely check your eligibility criteria and apply for all relevant scholarship granting bodies.

We hope that our article about Top 7 Tips To Win Scholarship will help you